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                                                 Gwen Ward's website

 Sande Hooten, a wonderful member of CCGS, has created an  excellent website,  , full of information about gardening on the Central Coast.                         website of the Geraniaceae Group UK  (a treasure trove of information)                            new website of the Los Angeles Geranium Society                         Greenwood Garden find, breeds and grows regionally superior perennials

                                                                  for California landscape professionals and avid gardeners.                                    The Pelargonium and Geranium Society  website (very good source of information)                               Canadian Geranium & Pelargonium Society  (some information)                                     San Diego Geranium Society 

                                                                     (primarily news & events of San Diego Geranium Society)                                  to purchase The Passion for Pelargoniums: How they found their place in the garden  See review.                                  Geraniaceae Nursery  (informative,  especially good references)        Very informative website by one of top growers in the UK                    UK nursery.  (Website by Owner/ Webmaster of the PAGS UK. New website in 2010)                                          UK nursery

                                                                    Holt Geranium Nursery website is not longer accessible

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