Santa Maria CA, "The Geranium* City"

  Santa Maria CA civic center                

        Santa Maria CA City Hall                    Mayor Alice Patino presenting Santa Maria Centennial

Santa Maria Valley Beautiful, a dedicated group of concerned citizens, encouraged the city of

Santa Maria to declare itself "The Geranium* City". The city adopted the title in 1964.

In 2004, then Council member and now Mayor (since 2012) Alice Patino (above) introduced,

to City Council members and guests, the official flower of Santa Maria, the ‘Santa Maria

Centennial’. It is a robust ivy-zonal cross, which is well-adapted to the Central Coast.

Since that time, this Pelargonium* has been planted by the City and enhanced public buildings

and streets.  Our town is a celebration of Pelargoniums, a.k.a. geraniums*.

Santa Maria CA public library < Santa Maria Public Library and Senior Citizen Centers, i.e. Oasis>  Orcutt CA Oasis Senior Center 

                                       as well as  schools.

   Pelargoniums growing on Respect Ave. at Joe Nightingale Elementary School, admired by      

students and last year, even Abraham Lincoln.

          Throughout Santa Maria, Pelargoniums decorate commercial buildings ..

From laudromats to restaurants, Pelargoniums grace many businesses throughout the town.


and inspire creations by local artists.  

Santa Maria Valley Beautiful gives annual awards to outstanding gardens in Santa Maria Valley.

                The city is filled with residential gardens which feature Pelargoniums.


Clearly Pelargonium is a versatile and beautiful addition to any garden..and, to our City.


* N.B.   Santa Maria is proudly the "Geranium City". Taxonomically, it is proudly and accurately,

a "Pelargonium Paradise" because the widely-grown garden geranium is known by the wrong

but common name, "Geranium". These so-called "geraniums" are correctly and scientifically

named Pelargonium. Pelargoniums are still called "geraniums" by most gardeners and nurseries.

Pelargonium includes an amazing variety of plant cultivars, important elements in a colorful

garden and/or landscape. See for more information.






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