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                          In July of 2001, the International Regal Pelargonium Preservation Project 

was established  by Cynthia Pardoe, Brenda Archer, and Riccardo Gallucci. This international

project was born out of a pure love for Pelargonium x domesticum, and concern that many older 

varieties were becoming difficult and sometimes  impossible to find. Our desire to collect and

preserve all available varieties of regal pelargoniums  became an urgent necessity as we realize 

that many old garden favorites had disappeared.


The Preservation Project is informal in organization, but passionate and dedicated in pursuit of its

goals.  The Project exists to preserve existing cultivars, find lost varieties, grow and trade plants in

order to provide backups of existing varieties, promote education about  regal pelargoniums, and

share the beauty of Pelargonium  x domesticum. There are no �members� as such, only �participants�

who share information and plants. So if you are a regal lover, start documenting your collection and

share your information and plants to preserve them for the future. Interested participants may email                                          



 (l. to r.)  Brenda Archer, Riccardo Gallucci, Cynthia Pardoe


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