Geranium and Lemon Cream Cheese

This fresh and light Geranium and Lemon Cream Cheese is especially good spread over your best homemade carrot cake! (A simple how-to recipe for homemade cream cheese is included on the blog under the Recipe Category, as we!l as how to make other varieties of cheeses, and interesting recipes.) This version of Geranium and Lemon Cream Cheese is equally tasty using either a good quality store-bought cheese or by using your homemade version.

2-3 scented geranium leaves (preferably with a lemon scent)

2 cups sifted icing sugar

a generous cup of softened cream cheese

2 T softened butter

1 tsp grated lemon rind

  1. Tear the geranium leaves into small to medium sized pieces.
  2. Place the torn leaves in a small bowl, mixing them with the icing sugar.
  3. Leave the bowl in a warm place overnight so that the icing sugar will soak up the scent of the leaves.
  4. Carefully remove the torn bits and pieces of geranium leaves from the icing sugar, discarding them. Set aside.
  5. Place the cream cheese, butter and lemon rind into a separate bowl. Using an electric beater or a wire whisk, gradually add the flavoured icing sugar, beating well until the icing is smooth and fragrant.
  6. Once your favorite homemade carrot cake has cooled, cover the top with Geranium and Lemon Cream Cheese.
  7. Decorate your iced cake with fresh lemon balm leaves, or candied lemon peel. (optional)

Article taken from Between Close Friends -

2010, Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS )