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IIlustrations from "Important People, Dates and Publications in the History of Pelargonium."

[Part 2]  1753 - 1837 

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 Johannes Burman, father of Nicolaas  Johannes Burman, father of Nicolaas Burman

Carl Linnaeus



Carl Linnaeus, father of Plant Taxonomy


1Thomas Martyn 1771  2Mary Delaney 1772-82 3Nikolaus Jacquin  1780-1800  4John Fothergill  1781/4  5Antonio Cavanilles 1787

            Martyn                    Delaney                Jacquin                  Fothergill                    Cavanilles               

   6 William Curtis 1787-1801 7 William Aiton 1789  8Friedrich Gottlieb Dietrich  1801-03  9Carl Thunberg 1803  10George Loddiges 1820

              Curtis                       Aiton                    Deitrich                  Thunberg                Loddiges               

      11Augustin P. de Candolle 1824    12Phillip M. Opiz 1825   13Leopold Trattinick 1826-27  14 Jakob von Reider 1829   15Carl L. Willdenow 1801

            de Candolle                Opiz                        Trattinick              von Reider            Willdenow

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