August Field TripóComments from Sheri Willebrand

  Cymbidium One Tree Hill 'Soltice Gold'  ( photo from )

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate This was a fabulous place. The fellow was so knowledgeable

and what am amazing array of many kinds of orchids....he had a series of greenhouses connected-

together and many in bloom....altho' the best time for orchids is the spring. He seems to be as much

a collector as a developer of new hybrids (crosses and pollinating takes some 7 years before they 

know!!) We stayed for an hour.

They are open to the public and said the best time is in March to see things in we should

plan to return! One thing I learned is that he has moved to gravel to replace bark as the medium in the

pots...very interesting!!  Website:  

Cal-Orchid, Inc. The fellow was busy pricing orchids for a garden club tour the next day (SLO I think

with a large group and BBQ!) Very different type of grower...more into rows and rows

of the same type of orchid. He did say that Trader Joe's, Home Depot sells only certain types and he

tries to sell to retailers the ones that are great but not as "popularized". This nursery is also open to the

public.  Website: 

We ate at a nice cafe and went to the Botanical Gardens...I really was hesitant to see what damage

last summer's burn did...but amazingly there was little evidence of the fire...pretty amazing how quickly

things grew back. I even went by the house I grew up in near the back entrance to the Botanical Gardens

Later we visited Terra Sol and wandered a bit, had some dessert and returned home. Nice day!!