Geranium Music 

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               An Introduction to gardens in South Africa.

Click on the image to hear music* from South Africa.             

                                 ( The song by Mahube is "Qhubeka"  meaning "Move Forward." )

Why South African music?  

The plants, known by the common name, geranium, and the botanical name, Pelargonium, 

are widely popular in homes, gardens and landscaping.  The thousands of kinds of Pelargonium,  

now grown throughout the world,  descended from  wild species  indigenous to South Africa. 

This music is a tribute to their origin.


Inspirational Music for the "Curious Connection" of a 7th century Irish monk and Geranium

In St. Fiacre's garden, Ireland

 Click on the image to hear a gregorian chant. 



An Encounter in a Zen Garden

  Click on the image to hear music from a Buddhist temple.

 The video is a  celebration of a Geranium,  which appeared in Diane's Zen

 Garden,  the flower finding its way through the Mexican weeping bamboo

                                  and the Ming asparagus.



  The still shots by Diane of her previous Zen Garden, 2006. The video was made by Diane November 23, 2009 in the current Zen Garden.

Videos of the Geranium Hula Dancers

The Music of Geraniums

A tribute to the beauty and variety of Geraniums and Pelargoniums accompanied  a

selection of classical music.

( Since the current version was too large a file to upload, even to YouTube, a new version is coming very soon.)



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