Wonders in a 8' x 12' Greenhouse on February 26, 2010


        Past the apple tree         ..... the cold frame           ..... and the ceramic display    and into

             a world of Pelargonium  - young        and old..  

All the following photos were taken by Wayne Handlos in the Handlos greenhouse (Pelargonium casa) in Central California   Click on images to enlarge.

Pelargonium hirtum lavender               P. hirtum lavender               P. hirtum white                P. hirtum white              P. magenteum              P. magenteum

  flower   < P. hirtum lavender >    leaf                                 flower     <  P.hirtum white >     leaf                                   flower  <  P.magenteum >   leaf

P. 'Spotlight Hotline'         P. 'Spotlight Hotline' 2         P. 'Spotlight Hotline'               P. 'Arctic Star'          P. 'Arctic Star'                   P. x kewensis pink

                   flowers   < P. 'Spotlight Hotline'   >    leaf                                             flower     <  P. 'Arctic Star' >     leaf                       flower < P.x kewensis pink

P. 'Watercolor'         P. 'Watercolor'              P. 'Frosted'       P. 'Frost'              P. 'San Roque'   P. 'San Roque'     P. 'San Roque'

  flower   < P. 'Watercolor'   >    leaf                                      flower   < P. 'Frosted'   >    leaf                                        inflorescence & flower < P. 'San Roque' > leaf

P. laxum    P. laxum       P. laxum 2   P. laxum 2         P. alchemilloides from Rich Hart   P. alchemilloides from Rich Hart         P. alchemilloides   P. alchemilloides

 flower  < P. laxum >  leaf                 flower  < P. laxum 2 leaf                    flower, leaf  < P. alchemilloides from Rich Hart               flower, leaf  P. alchemilloides

   P. 'Orange Ice'       inflorescence P.x stapletonii    P. x stapletonii         P. 'Pink Warmth'          P. 'Simple Sister'           P. 'Caliente Fire'          P. 'Supernova'

P. 'Orange Ice'                        P.x stapletonii                                       P. 'Pink Warmth'             P. 'Simple Sister'            P. 'Caliente Fire'             P. 'Supernova'




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