Google Alerts   Alerts

Why bother?  

The internet web is exploding. 

10 million (10 000 000)* new web pages per day. 

12 million (12 000 000)* searches (requests for content) per second. 

17 billion  (17 000 000 000)* webpages of content available.    *As of 01/19/11

Why Google Alerts?

Because it works, in a strange way.  It's a great way to 1) crawl to distant places on the web,

2) expand your knowledge and 3) have fun. 

How does it work?

Tell Google what you are interested in (keywords). 

Tell Google what you want to see (news, videos, blogs, everything).

Tell Google how often you want to be alerted (as it happens, each day, once a week).

 Google sends an e-mail to your inbox with links to webpages that include the keyword.

So, let's see some examples, organized into rough categories.

1) Fun/ General Interest    2) Travel    3) Commercial sites/ Educational     4)  Primarily Photographs  

5)  Photographs + Educational Content    6) Scientific/ Educational     7)  Irrelevant/ Nonsense

CCGS is not connected in any way to, nor does it endorse the content of, the following articles/ websites/ webpages/ blogs.

1) Fun/ General Interest

Paper Garden a treasure

Advanced Embroidery Designs. Pelargonium.

PERFECT PELARGONIUMS- A Pelargonium for Damilola

Sweet smell of soapy success

Scare Away Sickness with Africa's Pelargonium Supplement | Africa ...

Agatha Christie's Marple- The Blue Geranium - ITV1, 8pm - Recipe - Rose Geranium Sangria

Silk Lined Butterflies Geranium and Bees by BrianaEdelmanDesigns

2)  Travel / Education

Tour Kirstenbosch- A Stunning South African Botanical Garden

The Amazing Geranium - The Devine Life

3) Commercial sites/ Educational

Pelargonium plants from Proven Winners

Geranium plants from Proven Winners

owa Outdoor Products | Dark Reiter Geranium

Scented Pelargonium Grandeur� Odorata - Volmary

Logee's Greenhouse-Pelargonium 'Princess Balcon' "Swiss Balcony ...

Geranium sanguineum var. lancastriense for �3.45 from Chiltern ...

Pelargonium crithmifolium 3-inch pots - Arid Lands

4)  Primarily Photographs

TrekNature | Erodium sp Photo

Picasa Web Albums - Dirk Everaerd - GERANIACEAE

Colorado wildflowers search results Search-

5)  Photographs + Educational Content

Plant Select - Erodium chrysanthum

Erodium cicutarium - EWU | EWU Home

6) Scientific/ Educational

PlantFiles- Detailed information on Fish Geranium, Horseshoe

An Obsessive Neurotic Gardener- Plant evaluation - Geranium ...

Geraniaceae � The Plant List  (excellent)

EOL Search- Erodium cicutarium (excellent)

7)  Irrelevant/ Nonsense

cactusblood- Geranium drops


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