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               Unnamed cultivars of Rosebud geraniums from Jackie in Australia


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Dwarf Ivy 

New     'Diane Louise'  Original plant from Zelda Leach

Ivy Geraniums/ Ivies

Pelargonium peltatum      Lillian      Mauve Beauty     Thornlands Marble     Vectis Cascade     Fringed Rouletta    Gay Baby

 Pelargonium peltatum           Lillian                     Mauve Beauty           Thornlands Marble         Vectis Cascade          Fringed Rouletta            Gay Baby

  Bonito       Rio Grande      Pink Carnation     Big Red     Desrumeaux    Spotlight Hotline

               Bonito                       Rio Grande                 Pink Carnation                   Big Red                       Desrumeaux               Spotlight Hotline

 Artic Frost leaf     L'Elegante leaf     Lila Compacta leaf     Crocodile leaf

        Artic Frost                         L'Elegante                      Lila Compacta                      Crocodile

This is merely another preview of coming attractions.

We have literally thousands of photographs of flowers, leaves, growth habits, locales etc. of plants in the Geranium Family.  It will take some time to label and upload all the images.  Please continue to check back as we expand our Photo Gallery.  Eventually, we will invite images to be submitted by viewers. 

All photographs, unless otherwise noted, were taken by Wayne Handlos.                             � 2010, Wayne Handlos

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