The event was well planned and attended.  The day included two  informative, interesting talks and          a very good lunch. .


John Schoustra presented "My Favorite Angels." 


Cynthia Pardoe described "The Regal Preservation Project."


Also, there were great plants on sale by Victoria Shepherd, Bill Lemke, Cynthia Pardoe and John Schoustra.


LAGS's President, Manny Rivera, displayed some amazing bonzai                 Pelargoniums.







Thanks to Roma Louw for the photographs.  (Click on images to enlarge.)

Six members of The Central Coast Geranium Society attended: Roma, Victoria, Cy, Bill, Wayne and Diane.


There is interest in holding "A Celebration of Geraniums" annually.

Thanks to Jay Kapac and Aprille Curtis for organizing the event.