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Another trip to Denver

In previous articles, tribute was paid to a remarkable couple, Dr. Moras Shubert and his late wife, Erne.

Diane Handlos has known the Shuberts since the late 1950's, when she was an undergraduate student at

the University of Denver.  See "Two New Cultivars of Pelargonium " and "Denver, Memorial and

Pelargonium" by Wayne Handlos, PhD.


The Handlos' did get to Denver for Moras Shubert’s 100th birthday celebration at the

Denver Botanic Gardens on May 21, 2012. Dr. Moras Shubert has been on the Board

of the Denver Botanic Gardens since its inception. 


The event honoring Moras was a very nice affair and held in Ayres Hall, in an air-

conditioned area, Marnie's Pavilion.  What a lovely venue.


About 100 guests were in attendance. We shipped the plants of the new cultivars,

‘Moras Shubert’ and ‘Erne Shubert’ the week before the event and the garden staff

had them nicely potted and acclimated for the party . The Denver Botanic Garden also

provided a table for display of the cultivars.   Dr. Shubert

 did seem very pleased with the presentation of the

cultivars, as well as, the publication of his limited edition book,

    Denver's Canopy-The Natureof Deciduous Trees.  (


                     If you are ever in Denver, be sure to check out the Denver Botanic Gardens.

      The Handlos' and the Central Coast Geranium Society  deeply appreciate the cooperation and

      encouragement of Director Brian Vogt, Dr. Sarada Krishnan, Director of Horticulture and Global

      Initiatives. and the staff of the Denver Botanic Gardens.

          It is truly an impressive facility.     especially in the Spring.