Debby Lipp writes:

New soil mix:

Several years ago I decided to reduce the amount  of peat in my mix.  This was first because peat
really attracts fungus gnats and second because peat (like petroleum) takes millions of years to
form and is not renewable, unlike coir (coconut husk fiber) which is.  Anyhow, now I use about
half SupersoilT and half coir -- I buy mine from a hydroponic supply.  To each approx 2 1/2 gals
of this mix I add 3 cups of perlite, 1 cup each of pumice and decomposed granite,  1/2 cup of
vermiculite, and 1/4 cup of worm castings.I also mix in about 1/4 cup of the EB Stone
Organics all-purpose, mostly for the micro beneficials.  So my mix has changed a
lot!  Gotten more expensive, too.  But the plants seem to like it.

Take care,
-- Debby





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