Cyril Baucke Collection   Hybrids                                                                                            2010, Cyril Baucke

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multiradiatum & x multiradiatum       multiradiatum & x multiradiatum   multiradiatum & x multiradiatum

x multiradiatum    x multiradiatum   x multiradiatum   x multiradiatum   x multiradiatum   x multiradiatum

x blandfordianum  x blandfordianum                               

x stapletonii  x stapletonii    x stapletonii         

x kewense pink  x kewense pink     x kewense red   x kewense red

'Scandens'  'Scandens'   'Scandens'   'Scandens'   'Scandens'               

sericifolium x cortusifolium   sericifolium x cortusifolium   sericifolium x cortusifolium

'Splendide'       'Splendide'   'Splendide'                                                             

x zonartic   x zonartic  x zonartic


2010, Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS )