Cyril Baucke Collection  Pelaronium species    D-K                                                                          2010, Cyril Baucke

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P. dasyphyllum    P. dasyphyllum  P. dasyphyllum                      P. desertorum   P. desertorum                P. dichondrifolium   P. dichondrifolium  

                        Pelargonium  dasyphyllum                                                   P. desertorum                                                     P. dichondrifolium


 P. echinatum  P. echinatum  P. echinatum  P. echinatum   P. echinatum P. echinatum            P. elaphiae   P. elaphiae

                                                                             P. echinatum                                                                                                    P. elaphiae


   P. elegans   P. elegans   P. elegans                P. englerianum   P. englerianum            P. exstipulatum  P. exstipulaturm  P. exstipulatum

                          P. elegans                                                                P. englerianum                                                 P. exstipulatum



P. fruiticosum   P. fruiticosum

      Pelargonium fruiticosum

 P. fulgidum   P. fungidum  pink   P. fulgidum red   P. fulgidum red-white . P. fulgidum    P. fulgidum    P. fulgidum

                                                                                    P. fulgidum


 P. grandiflorum                                                                 P. griseum     P. griseum

P. grandiflorum                                                                                   P. griseum                              


 P. hermannifolium P. hermannifolium                                  P. hirtum    P. hirtum                                   P. hispidum

       P. hermannifolium                                                                       P. hirtum                                                               P. hispidum

  P. hystrix   P. hystrix   P. hystrix

                                P. hystrix


 P. iocastum   P. iocastum   P. iocastum                                        P. incrassatum   P. incrassatum   P. incrassatum

                          Pelargonium iocastum                                                                                  P. incrassatum

 P. inquinans                                                                                       P. ionidiflorum .   P. ionidiflorum    P. ionidiflorum

 P. inquinans                                                                                                                     P. ionidiflorum



   P. klinghardtense   P. klinghardtense   P. klinghardtense   P. klinghardtense    P. klinghardtense    P. klinghardtense 

                                                                            Pelargonium klinghardtense


2010, Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS )