Cyril Baucke Collection  Pelaronium species    A-C                                                                          2010, Cyril Baucke

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P. abrotanifolum  P. abrotanifolum  P. abrotanifolum  P. abrotanifolum                     P. aciculatum                   P. acraeum  P. acraeum

                     Pelargonium  abrotanifolium                                                             P. aciculatum                            P. acraeum

  P. aestivale  P. aesitivale  P. aestivale                                                   P. alchemilloides

                        P. aestivale                                                                                        P. alchemilloides  

P. alternans  P. alternans  P. alternans  P. alternans  P. alternans  P. alternans               

                        P. altenans                                                                                                                                                           

P. appendiculatum  P. appendiculatum                                                                P. aridicola                            

  P. appendiculatum                                                                              P. aridicola                        P. ardens                       

P. auritum   P. auritum                                                               P. australe    P. australe    P. australe     

                  P. auritum                                                                                                                             P. australe


   P. barklyi   P. barklyi   P. barklyi                                             P. betulinum   P. betulinum white   P. betulina white

                           P. barklyi                                                                                                                        P. betulinum


  P. bowkeri  P. bowkeri  P. bowkeri  P. bowkeri   P. bowkeri   

                                                           P. bowkeri


 P. caffrum                            P. campestre  P. campestre  P. campestre                  P. carneum  P. carneum  P. carneum

   P. caffrum                                                             P. campestre                                                                           P. carneum

 P. carnosum   P. carnosum 'rotundipetalum'                    P. caroli-henrici   P. caroli-henrici   P. caroli-henrici                                P. caylae

             P. carnosum                                                                P. caroli-henrici                                                                P. caylae 

 P. ceratophyllum   P. ceratophyllum   P. ceratophyllum                       P. cordifolium  P. cordifolium P. cordifolium   P. cordifolium

                     P. ceratophyllum                                                                                                               P. cordifolium

P. coronopifolium 

P. coronopifolium

 P. cortusifolium  P. cortusifolium  P. cortusifolium  P. cortusifolium  P. cortusifolium  P. cortusifolium  P. cortusifolium  P. cortusifolium   

                                                                                               P. cortusifolium

P. cotyledonis  P. cotyledonis  P. cotyledonis  P. cotyledonis  P. cotyledonis  P. cotyledonis  P. cotyledonis   P. cotyledonis  

                                                                                                P. cotyledonis

 P. crassicaule  P. crassicaule  P. crassicaule  P. crassicaule  P. crassicaule           P. crithmifolium   P. crithmifolium               P. cucullatum

                                                            P. crassicaule                                                                            P. crithmifolium                       P. cucullatum


2010, Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS )