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 Mrs. Delaney's Geraniums

A poem posted on Secret Poems from the Times Literary Supplement Secret Poems. This  is an ongoing project that uses phrases from the TLS as a starting point for writing poems. The numbers at the top of each entry indicate the relevant issue and page.

TLS 5546 � 17
�collaged from dozens of exquisitely drawn botanical studies�

It was an accidental juxtaposition
that inspired her,
one of those moments when the world
slides into focus -
a red geranium on the windowsill,
a sheet of red paper on the table.
Her own blood on the blotter was not so quick
as what her scissors cut �
the petals falling from her blades
so faithful to what the eye sees
instead of what the mind knows
her visitors believed
a breeze must have blown them there.



2019, Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS )