Sent with a Flower-Pot Begging a Slip of Geranium

by Christian Milne

Christian Milne nee Ross was born in Scotland in 1773. She wrote one book of

poetry, �Simple Poems on Simple Subjects� in 1805.


 I�ve sent my empty pot again   

 To beg another slip;

 The last you gave, I�m grieved to tell

  December�s frost did nip.

                                                       I love fair Flora and her train

    But nurse her children ill;

    I tend too little, or too much;

    They die from want of skill.

    I blush to trouble you again,

                                                       Who�ve served me oft before;

     But, should this die, I�ll break the pot,

     And trouble you no more.


  HENRI MATISSE - 1869 - 1954  The three images on the left show Matisse�s interpretation of geraniums during the middle part of his career.

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