Sent with a Flower-Pot Begging a Slip of Geranium

by Christian Milne

Christian Milne nee Ross was born in Scotland in 1773. She wrote one book of

poetry, “Simple Poems on Simple Subjects” in 1805.


 I’ve sent my empty pot again   

 To beg another slip;

 The last you gave, I’m grieved to tell

  December’s frost did nip.

                                                       I love fair Flora and her train

    But nurse her children ill;

    I tend too little, or too much;

    They die from want of skill.

    I blush to trouble you again,

                                                       Who’ve served me oft before;

     But, should this die, I’ll break the pot,

     And trouble you no more.


  HENRI MATISSE - 1869 - 1954  The three images on the left show Matisse’s interpretation of geraniums during the middle part of his career.

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