In your life or travels, have you had a moment, when the sight of geraniums or pelargoniums blooming gave you pause?  If you wish to share the image and your thoughts on it, contact us

As flowers bloom,. memories fade.

Photograph and notes by Dee P.  of Claremont CA





"The photograph was taken in the city of Vukovar, Croatia, in 2006.


The property pictured was completely destroyed in the Croatian war for independence in 1991.   The Serb's gutted the house and barn.

The owners regained the property  around  1998.  The wife is a principal of a school and the husband  worked with the tour groups

 providing lunches  and maintaining the  property  This photograph was taken at their home, rebuilt from rubble of war."


These flowers and plants symbolize human resilience and need for beauty and peace.

Survival of the most beautiful

Photographs and note from Bert K. of Washington DC


Brighton Geraniums

December 7, 2009: These urban geraniums look puny, but have survived snow, painters, car fumes, squirrels, starlings, and leaf blowers. Jack says the white ones are rare. Please do not disabuse him of that charming notion.

A geranium by any other name ..would not be a geranium. In this case, it's not an azalea.  It's a pelargonium

An exchange of thoughts between two old friends.


2010, Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS )