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The Passion for Pelargoniums: How they found their place in the garden

           by Anne Wilkinson, 2007, Sutton Publishing Ltd.         Available at  

Geraniums, The Complete Encyclopedia, by Faye Brawner. Schiffer, Atglen, PA; 2003

 1001 Pelargoniums, by Hazel Key. B.T. Batsford;  London;  2000.

           (Great information, but there are color problems with the photographs.)

 The Joy of Geraniums, by Helen Van Pelt Wilson. M. Barrons;  New York; 1946, 1965. A GREAT BOOK!  [Out of Print]

 Geraniums for Home and Garden, by Alan Shellard. David and Charles;  London;  1981. [Out of Print]

 Miniature and Dwarf Geraniums, by Harold Bagust. Timber Press;  Portland, OR;  1988 [Out of Print]

Pelargoniums of Southern Africa (Volumes I, II, III) By J.J.A. van der Walt, Purnell;  Cape Town;  1977, 1981, 1988.

                 AUTHORITATIVE.  [Out of Print]  ($100+ per volume)

 Scented Geraniums, by Jim Becker & Faye Brawner. Interweave;  Loveland, CO;  1996. Inexpensive, but very throrough;  useful, too.

 The Gardener�s a Guide to Growing Hardy Geraniums, by Trevor Bath & Joy Jones. Timber Press;  Portland, OR;  1994.

               (�True� Geraniums)                        This list compiled for you by PLANTSMITH of Santa Barbara


A Book Review  A Passion for Pelargoniums  (Anne Wilkinson, 2007, Sutton Publishing Ltd.)

 A book review: Geranium, by  Kasia Boddy

Central Coast Gardening Essentials  by Joe Seals   Book Review by Wayne Handlos

  Wayne's book review of One Man's Garden

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