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Soil/Potting Mix

Zelda Leach - Remembrances

Olfaction- Ol What?

Genetics of Flower Color

Endangered Species of Pelargonium

Geographical Distribution of  Pelargonium/ Geraniaceae

Dwarf, Miniature and Microminiature Zonal Pelargoniums

Angel Rules -- Angels Rule

Unique Pelargoniums � More Thoughts

Scented  Pelargoniums I Have Known and Grown

Some Thoughts on Scented Geraniums - Part 2

Some Thoughts on Scented Geraniums - Part 1

Coir, Cocoa Bean Mulch, Gorilla Hair

Welcome to "The Geranium City," Santa Maria CA


San Diego Geranium Conference 2016

 More Thoughts on Regal Pelargoniums

 Regal Pelargoniums  2016

 The Other Zonal Pelargoniums- 12. Stellar Pelargonium

 The Other Zonal Pelargoniums- 11. Formosa, Formosum and Fingered Zonal Pelargoniumss

 The Other Zonal Pelargoniums- 10.Double, Semidouble, Rosebud and Noisette Pelargoniums

       The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 9. Speckled, Striped, Paint Box, Eggshell   & New Life Pelagoniums

       The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 8. Eye-Flowered Pelargoniums

       The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 7. Green-Flowered Pelargoniums 

       The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 6. Cactus-Flowered Pelargoniums

       The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 5. Yellow-Flowered Pelargoniums

       The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 4. Bird's Egg-Flowered Pelargoniums

        The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 3. Carnation-Flowered Pelargoniums

        The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 2. Tulip-Flowered Pelargoniums

        The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 1. Mr. Wren

History & People    

  Part 1:  17th Century    Part 2: 18th Century

  Part 3:    Important People, Dates and Publications 


   Nothing is new under the sun/ 1850 article on the difference between  Pelargonium & Geranium

   Leopold Trattinick  

   Jakob Ernst Von Reider�Prolific Writer      Publications  of Jakob Von Reider

  Jakob Klier-Austrian Horticulturist

   A Tribute to Cy Baucke  1928-June 2, 2014  

   Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr.    Prof. H. E. Moore, Jr.      Ethel Zoe Bailey

   Dr. Shubert's 100th Birthday      Denver, Shubert Memorial and Pelargonium  

   Charles Rager, His Plants, His Service, His Friends  by Dr. James E. Sefton.

    Charles Rager's Pelargonium Inroductions      Pelargonium Breeders 


    Anatomy    The Stem Apex   Trichomes    Leaf Form and Diversity in Pelargonium

    Plant Chimeras     The Real Chimaera  

    (Stem) Succulents and Geophyte

    Mitosis & Meiosis    Flowers  

     Chromosome Numbers of Pelargonium                                           

     The Chloroplast DNA of  Pelargonium     


     Pollinators             The Other Pollinators

     What Do Bees See? 

     How Do Bees See?

    Flowers under Ultraviolet Light  Gleanings from the Web  

Chemistry & Genetics

   Why Do Geraniums Smell That Way?

   Why Do Rose Geraniums Smell Like That?  

   DMAA, the Drug misnamed "Geranium"  the latest

   No Drug (Geranamine) in Geranium

   Color Terms - Did You Know?              

   The Color of Flowers    &    Parade of Pigments


   More franken creatures  GREEN FLUORESCENT PROTEIN � GFP  (10/03/13)


   Plant Patents                                                            


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