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                Flower and leaf of 'Therese'             

Formosum cultivars

Below is a list of the fingered flower pelargoniums (formosum hybrids) that I have found. The list is probably

not complete, and some question marks remain. If you have other information about the fingered flower

pelargoniums I will be grateful to receive it, even if the varieties are others than those I mention. It seems

that these mysterious pelargoniums would take several years to research, so therefore I leave this article at

this point. Maybe I can come up with an update later if new information is available. I don�t think the list can

be completed because many of the varieties aren�t available anymore. I must say I was very surprised to find

so many formosum hybrids. [Originator�s names in parentheses below.]

�Ansbrook Apollo� - Miniature. Single pale pink flowers with red dots and splashes. Widespread petal. (A. Popham/Foster,

UK), source 1, 7.

�Ansbrook California� - Miniature. Single salmon pink flowers. (A. Popham/ Foster, UK), Source 7

�Ansbrook Froshani� - Eggshell. Single pink flower. (A. Popham/ Foster, UK), Source 7

�Ansbrook Zeus� - Dwarf. (A. Popham/Foster, UK), Source 7.

�Azalea Pink� - Slightly broader petals. Azalea pink. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3.

�Azalea Rose� - Camellia rose overlaid azalea pink in center, paling toward edges with age. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3.

�Current Red� - Miniature. Currant red with glow to petals, leaf deep colored almost black (L.R. Bodey), Source 3.

�Deerwood Wildfire� � Miniature. Single, glowing red, narrow widespread petals. Small dark lobed leaf. Heavy bloomer,

dense miniature. A little larger growing than �Urchin�. (Faye Brawner, USA), Source 3.

�Dwarf Mandarine� - Miniature or dwarf. Mandarin red single flower with reddish leaves. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3, 12.

�Els� - Salmon narrow petals. Double. (V. Gerris, Holland 1987). Source 3, 13.

�Formosum� - The original plant that was discovered in Mexico. Salmon flowers with white tips. Deep cut leaves like a

fern. Source 4.

�Formosum hybrid� - Pink flowers, wavy wrinkled leaves. Source 11.

Formosum �MINI� � Pink petals, small growth. Source 11.

�French Rose� - Salmon rose flowers. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3.

�F4/1' - Single red flowers. Origin unknown.

�Geranium Lake� - Red color with an overtone of cerise. (L.R. Bodey),Source 3.

�Golden Els� - I can�t find any information about this one but maybe it is an �Els� with golden leaves.

�Golden Formosum� - This one has different descriptions so I will give you them all. (1) Golden leaf, a sport from

�Formosum�. Source 1. (2) Very unusual. Golden leaf with a bronze zone. Fringed and very deep cut leaves. Apricot

orange flowers. Buds & Blooms Catalogue 1993. Source 3. (3) Semi-double bright salmon flowers sometimes tipped

in white. Deeply cut gold leaf. Each notched section of the leaf has a dark brown dot at the edge. Very unusual.

Source 1. (4) Double bright salmon pink with white edges, golden foliage with bronze zone. (L.R. Bodey, 1972) Source 5.

�Good Vibrations� - Orange red flowers with golden leaves. Vague leaf zone. (J.Sheehan 2006), Source 10.

�Janet� - Dwarf. Double salmon pink flowers. (Mitchell o James), Source 2, 5.

�Mandarine Red� - Mandarin red flowers. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3.

�Moppet� - Dwarf. Double salmon pink flowers. (Holmes Miller, USA), introduced 1971, Source 7.

�Ninjas Lilla Knytt� - Small miniature, near micro. Single bright red flowers. (G. Hagelin-Nilsson), Source 6.

�Playmate� - Miniature. Similar to �Urchin�, salmon semi-double flowers. Dense deeply lobed leaves. Needs to be cleaned

to avoid mold. (Holmes Miller, USA), Source 1, 2, 8, 12.

�Poppy Red� � Miniature with red flowers. Kewensis type. (L.R.Bodey). Source 3, 9.

�Presto� - Single salmon with white petal edge. Long petals. (Holmes Miller, USA 1968), Source 3.

�Red Rose� - Reddish cerise. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3, 9.

�Red Witch� - Dwarf. Very narrow petals, deep scarlet semi-double. Deeply cut leaves. Very old variety. Source 3, 8.

�Red and Cream� - Dwarf. Light cream with glowing reddish center, fading with age. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3, 9.

�Rouge Cardinal� - Geranium lake [a red color designation], petals broader than most others except �Rougeatre�.

(L.R. Bodey), Source 3, 9.

�Rougeatre� - Magenta, petals broader than all others and the best yet produced in both color and shape. (L.R. Bodey),

Source 3, 9.

�Scarlet Dwarf� - Dwarf habit. Scarlet deepening to center. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3, 9.

�Smulan� - Miniature. Single and primitive with coral red flowers with a yellow, almost white, center and tips. Small leaves.

Similar to �Tuva� but smaller. 1996. (G. Hagelin-Nilsson), Source 6.

�Snow Witch� - Narrow petaled single very pale pink almost white flowers borne over medium green type foliage. Medium

size, bushy plant. (Charles Heidgen, USA), Source 8.

�Something Else� - Salmon flowers with white edges. The petals are quite close. Golden leaf. (J. Sheehan), Source 5.

�Spinel Pink� - Deep rose to spinel pink (Spinel is a kind of ruby). (L.R. Bodey), Source 3, 9.

�Spiraea Red� - Cerise pink to spiraea red. (LR. Bodey), Source 3, 9.

�Strawberry Fayre� - Light red petals with a white center. Source 11.

�St. Elmo�s Fire� - Dark, leathery leaf. Double salmon, quilled blooms. (Charles Heidgen, USA), Source 8.

�Star Witch� - Single, spidery narrow petals of pink, deeper in center. (Charles Heidgen, USA), Source 8.

�Therese� - Salmon flowers with 12 petals. Light tips on the petals and red dots. 1997. (G. Hagelin

Nilsson, Sweden), Source 6.

�Tuva� - Eggshell. White flowers with red pink dots and dashes. (G. Hagelin Nilsson, Sweden), Source 6.

�Tyrian Rose� - Dwarf. Very rich pink, tyrian rose. Kewensis type. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3, 9.

�Urchin� - Miniature. Scarlet, semi-double, narrow petaled flowers, small deeply cut. Low, bushy and compact.

(Holmes Miller, USA, 1971), Source 3, 8, 12.

�White Rose� - Dwarf. Single white overlaid with camellia rose. (L.R. Bodey), Source 3, 9.

�Wille� - Semi-double with dark red flowers. (G. Hagelin-Nilsson), Source 6.

�White Witch� - Probably not a synonym for �Snow Witch�.

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