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The Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS)   In most months, CCGS meets every 4th Wed. evening at 7pm at the Black Lake Community Center/ Room,  498 Colonial Place, Nipomo on CA's Central Coast.

Other months, we tour gardens, nurseries or greenhouses.  In August/Sept. and December, we have social events. .

The Central Coast Geranium Society is a club for people who are interested in plants in the Geranium Family. Our official purposes "shall be the stimulation of interest in and the culture of the Geranium family; to cooperate with interested organizations; to improve standards of excellence and to study methods of culture, and by such activity bring about a social relationship that will enhance the happiness of its members."

More about the Geranium Family  and   Why we love Geraniums, Pelargoniums and their friends.

Each month, we meet, either on a garden tour or to gather together to hear a presentation or participate in an activity related to Geraniums and, especially, to enjoy the camaraderie in this unique group of people. . 

We learn.

Each meeting includes a short business session followed by a speaker or hands-on activity followed by light refreshments. Members then show and talk about their favorite, special or unusual plants. The evening concludes

with a raffle of plants donated by the members. Yearly dues are $5. . Members receive a monthly newsletter

containing information related to geraniums, as well as, information of regional events, related to gardening, plant societies etc.

We give.

Each May the club holds a Sale. See Events & Sales.

The sale is the club�s main fundraiser.. The sale items are grown primarily by members.

We celebrate.

A Barbeque is held at the end of each summer � usually at a member�s home.

More photos from the BBQ @ top of page.

Each December, we have a Holiday Party and gift exchange to reward the members for a year�s hard work and to celebrate who we are.  

We began 2012 with the sad news of the death of Charles Rager

We have learned from Bill Lemke, that Charles Rager has passed away. Charles was a

lifetime member of the Central Coast Geranium Society and a very active member of the

Pelargonium world before he retired. He was an avid hybridizer and several of his cultivars

are still being grown. A newsletter was devoted to Charles Rager and

contained an article that Dr. James Sefton wrote several years ago for the IGS publication, Geraniums around

the World

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