by Wayne Handlos

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1. P. capitatum  2. P. citronellum flower  3. P. citronellum leaf  4. P. cordifolium flower

5. P. cordifolium leaf   6.‘Filicifolium’  7. P. exhibens flower  8.P. exhibens leaf

9. ‘Abundance’  10. ‘Ardwick Cinnamon   11. 'Endsleigh’ flower  12.‘Endsleigh’ leaf  

13. ’French Lace’  14. ‘Frosted’   15.‘Islington Peppermint’   16.‘Mann’s Genevra’  

17. ‘Old Scarlet Unique’ 18.‘Paton’s Unique’  19.‘Phyllis’ leaf   20. ‘Pretty Polly’

 21. ‘Rose Paton’s Unique’  22. ’Sonoma Lavender’

Over the years I have had the following cultivars in cultivation. The scented Pelargoniums generally

are fairly hardy and easy to grow. No stems will withstand freezing temperatures below about 25˚F,

but many of them will sprout again from the root stock after freezing. However, if they are chimeras

they will not return as the plant you originally started with. This is particularly true of those with variegated


P. abrotanifolium – Southernwood Scented (scent of Artemisia abrotanifolium)

P. capitatum – Rose Geranium (varies from unscented to lightly rose scented leaves)

P. citronellum – Lemon Geranium (acrid lemon scented, large leaves)

P. cordifolium – Heart-leaved Storksbill (floral scent)

P. crispum – Lemon Geranium (lemon scented, small, curled leaves)

P. cucullatum – Hooded Cranesbill

P. denticulatum and P. denticulatum ‘Filicifolium’ – Fern-leaf Geranium

P. dichondrifolium – Pepper Scented Geranium

P. elongatum – Upright Coconut Geranium

P. englerianum – (rose-camphor scent)

P. exhibens – (outdoorsy, floral)

P. exstipulatum – Sweet Scented Pelargonium

P. x fragrans – Nutmeg Scented Geranium

P. fruticosum – (faintly pungent)

P. fulgidum – Celandine-leafed Storksbill

P. glutinosum – Clammy Cranesbill (pungent scented)

P. graveolens – Rose Geranium

P. grossularioides – Coconut-scented Geranium

P. hispidum – (pungent, lemony scent)

P. ionidiflorum – Celery Scented Geranium (no scent; the name is a tribute to imagination)

P. x melissinum – Lemon Balm Geranium

P. mollicomum – Pineapple-scented Geranium

P. x nervosum – Lime Geranium

P. odoratissimum – Apple-scented Geranium

P. panduriforme – Fiddle Leaf Pelargonium (pungent scent)

P. papilionaceum – Butterfly Geranium (lemony pungent)

P. peltatum – Ivy leaf Geranium (floral spicy scent)

P. quercifolium – Oak-leaf Geranium (pungent)

P. radens – Crowfoot Geranium

P. reniforme – Kidney Leaf Pelargonium

P. ribifolium – Currant Leaf Pelargonium (medicinal, pungent)

P. scabroide

P. scabrum – Rough Leaf Geranium

P. x Scarboroviae – Lady Scarborough, Strawberry Geranium

P. sidoides – Umckaloabo, South African Geranium (floral pungent)

P. ternatum – (pungent)

P. tomentosum – Peppermint Geranium

P. x tricuspidatum – Three Pointed Geranium (pungent)

P. trifidum – Brittle Stalked Pelargonium (pungent)

P. x van leenii – Mosquito Plant or Citrosa (citronella scent)


The following cultivars are frequently listed under various species names. But because we rarely know

the ancestry of cultivars, no species designations are included in this section.

Abundance (lemon scented)

Almond aka Paton’s Unique (pungent scented)

Apple (variably scented)

Ardwick Cinnamon (clove, cinnamon, pungent scented)

Araucana (or Arucana, gardenia, flowery scented)

Atomic Snowflake (lemon rose scented)

Attar of Roses (strongly rose scented)

Both’s Snowflake (lemon rose scented)

Candy Dancer (lemon rose scent, radens type leaf)

Charity (lemon rose scent, gold edged leaf)

Chocolate Mint (pungent mint scent, leaf has a dark center)

Cinnamon (citrusy, lemon rose scent)

Cody’s Nutmeg (nutmeg, spicy pungent scent)

Colocho (rose scent, tightly curled leaf, small flowers do not open)

Crowfoot (mint or rose scent)

Curly (nutmeg scent)

Cy’s Sunburst (lemon scent, small gold variegated leaves)

Dappled Oak (pungent scent, hit or miss variegated leaves)

Dean’s Delight (pungent scent, upper two petals divided)

Dr. Livingston (rose to lemon rose scent, radens type leaf)

Endsleigh (pungent scent, brown spot in the middle of the leaf)

Erne Shubert (clean, sweet lemon scent, brightly colored flower, aka Super L)

Fair Ellen (pungent scent, brown spot in the middle of the leaf)

French Lace (aka Variegated Prince Rupert, lemon scent, variegated leaf)

Frensham (acrid lemon scent)

Fringed Apple (pungent apple scent, serrated leaf)

Frosted (rose scent, delicate white, marginal variegation)

Golden Nutmeg (pungent, nutmeg scent, one form of a variable leaf variegation)

Ginger (aka Torento, ginger, citrusy scent)

Islington Peppermint (mint scent)

Joy Lucille (mint scent)

Lady Mary (aka Strawberry Geranium, strawberry or citrus-rose scent)

Lady Plymouth (rose scented, variegated leaf)

Variegated Mint Rose (similar to the previous cv but mint scented, variegated leaf)

Lemon Fancy (lemon scent, small citronellum type leaves)

Mabel Grey (acrid lemon scent, plant can become very large and woody stemmed)

Moras Shubert (spicy scent, small, bright pink flower)

Mann’s Genevra (lemon scent, nicely variegated leaves with a white edge)

Nutmeg Lavender etc. (one of several scented ivy leaf geraniums, floral scent)

Old Fashioned Rose (strong rose scent)

Orange Fizz (lemon orange scent, brightly colored flower)

Peach (aka Gooseberry Leaf Geranium, peachy citrus scent)

Peacock (lemon, rose scent, hit-or-miss variegated leaf)

Peppermint Lace (mint scent, radens type leaf)

Pheasant Foot (pungent scent, sticky leaf)

Pink Capitatum (pungent, lemon rose scent)

Pretty Polly (aka Almond Geranium, pungent)

Prince Rupert (mild lemon scent)

Pungent Peppermint (mint scent, radens type leaf)

Rober’s Lemon Rose (lemon rose scent, distinctively shaped leaf)

Red Flowered Rose (pungent scent)

Lavender Red Flowered Rose (lavender colored flower sport of the previous cv)

Skeleton Rose (aka Dr. Livingston, mild rose scent, radens type leaf)

Snowy Nutmeg (pungent, nutmeg scent, another variegated form with white edge)

Staghorn Oak (pungent scent, oak leaf)

Strawberry (name applied to both Lady Mary and Lady Scarborough)

Super Lemon (aka Erne Shubert, clean, lemon scent, brightly colored flower)

Sweet Miriam (pungent scent, light pink flower)

Torento (aka Ginger, mild lime or ginger scented)

Tutti Frutti (spicy nutmeg scent)

Variegated Nutmeg (aka Variegated Fragrans, nutmeg scent, variable variegation)

Village Hill Oak (pungent scent, ruffled leaf edge)

VARIATIONS ON P. sidoides/P. ionidiflorum/P. fragrans/P. cordifolium

Burgundy Lady (weakly pungent)

Lavender Lad (pungent)

Lavender Lass (no scent)

P. aff. cordifolium 1, 2 (floral, ginger scent)

P. aff. sidoides 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (various scents)

Pink Spice (spicy pungent)

San Jose Surprise (pungent)

Sidoides Black (floral spicy)

Sidoides Burgundy

White Lady (pungent nutmeg)


The category of Unique Pelargoniums (often considered scented geraniums) will be dealt with in another article at a later date.

Apricot Fool

Apricot Glacé


California Brilliant


Claret Rock Unique



Golden Clorinda


Lara Bounty

Mexican Sage

Mme. Nonin

Mrs. Kingsley

Mrs. Taylor

New VooDoo

Old Scarlet Unique


Paton’s Unique/Apricot



Red Capri

Robin’s Unique

Roller’s Satinique

Rollison’s Unique

Rose Paton’s Unique

Scarlet Unique

Shrubland Rose

Shrubland Rose – ‘Lavender Pink form

Sonoma Lavender


White Unique


           (but would like - among many others)




Pink Champagne

Prince of Orange

Variegated Attar of Roses







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