2013 Annual BBQ 

With gratitude to Bob    and Sooz and a great chef   for a lovely meal

in a perfect setting

Sheri and Rich chatting under the oak trees that frame the Weissberg patio.

With Zelda in dappled light

  Barb contemplating great food, friends and wine.



Bill with food for thoughts on the economy, world population and education


Bill still enjoying his meal and thoughts.



A furry Weissberg waiting for crumbs of affection, admiration and bread.


Two great ladies, Sooz and Sande, connecting through their art.


Deene and Mel relaxing with their guest, Deene's sister.

          Marcia talking with guest and new member,  Alan Phair.  Welcome, Alan.

       Diane waiting (or is she begging?) for food.

Cy and Elvira.  Although we miss Elvira's Geranium Hula Dancers , it was a perfect day!!!!!

 (Thanks to Rosie Muranaka for the photos.)