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           * For accuracy, this website should be called GeraniumsandPelargoniumsonline, a title which is

both unwieldy and difficult to remember. So, why this comment?  Because the widely-grown garden

"geranium" is known by the wrong butcommon  name, Geranium.  These so-called  "geraniums" 

are correctly and scientifically named  Pelargonium.  Atsome point, we will tackle this dilemma within

this website  by tagging the name "geranium" each time it is used as the common name for Pelargonium. 

    For more  information, read The Geranium Family  (Geraniaceae) and other articles on Pelargonium.

 See  "Comments on Geraniums and Pelargoniums & An Ode from a Peeved Pelargonium,

                             a poem by the Poet Laureate of Pelargonium

 We invite contributions from members and others. Articles regarding any aspect of Pelargonium, history,

 cultivation, hybrids, distribution etc., are requested  and will be considered  for inclusion.                      


                          See  the Baucke Pelargonium Species Collection &   the Regal Preservation Project

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